Most frequently asked questions...or top reasons why PsyNote® is the best choice.

Create new progress note already populated with last note entries, just update it for today.

Designed on scalable Microsoft platform, integratable with most claims systems, or use ours.

Hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud; HIPAA compliant, 99+% uptime, fast, safe and secure.

Seamlessly integrates with Phybill, Inc. billing and reporting system (Option)

Accomodates supervisor or QA signatures, can be turned on or off.

Use from anywhere, any device, nothing installed on your device.

Attach files to patient records; PDF, DOC, JPG, PNG, XLS

PQRS built in now, and MIPS will be added Jan 2017

Designed to remind you of all CMS required elements.

Print, Email, or Fax notes, all secure, right from app.

Saves often used entries for one click paste.

Level two signature option where needed.

Auto saves all entries while working.

Actual client experiences as told to us....

“I was on prepayment review for 9 months, my notes were mostly rejected, then after using PsyNote® they were all accepted. I was released from PPR after 3 months thanks to PsyNote® and their great staff!”

“I was undergoing a full audit, my notes were criticized as sub-standard. After I submitted new visits using PsyNote®, the audit was completed with no lingering effects! No doubt PsyNote® was a key reason”.

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